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Why Choose Us?

Teleonic is a facilities based, next-generation telecom carrier, with a focus on international wholesale voice termination using VoIP.Teleonic was incorporated in USA in February 2012. Having launched and managed the international gateway operations for a host of mobile, fixed line and long distance operators based in South East Asia and Africa.We are interconnected with leading telecom carriers and operators all over the world, thus ensuring the highest level of availability and competitive pricing for our interconnect partners, without compromising on quality. Our Services are specifically tailored to provide international wholesale voice termination for other telecom carriers and operators , as a carrier’s carrier.

  • Our mission is to build a VoIP platform that will promote our services by providing value added services and Routes on competitive rates.
  • Teleonic offers wholesale Core VoIP Routes all over the world with main focus in South Asia, East Asia, Middle-East, and Africa
  • Our existence is based upon 24x7 uninterrupted and superior qualities of service, accurate and real time billing features that provide our customers an edge.

Our Skills

    Customer Satisfaction 80%

    World Wide Destination Covered 81%

    Reaible & Stable Routes (with good ASR & ACD) 60%

    FAS free Traffic 85%

Experience success


We never stop working for you.


Our infrastructure and interconnects are pro-actively managed and monitored under the watchful eye of our team of highly professional, dedicated and customer-centric engineers that staff our 24x7x365

Network Operations

Network Operations Centre (NOC). Our ever-ready and vigilant team of engineers are continuously monitoring and tracking the Quality of Service on our network, by analysing various technical parameters (e.g. ACD, ASR, PDD).


We provide SLA driven 24x7x365 customer service and support to all our interconnect partners i.e. a Service Level Agreement is agreed with each interconnect partner, quantifying resolution times and key performance indicators for fixes, as well as an escalation matrix.


Teleonic is constantly striving to achieve excellence in VoIP technology and technical operations.

Connection with

Interconnect partners are able to interface with our NMC over the phone, via email or over instant messenger, with all complaints being managed and tracked through an online trouble ticketing system.


We take customer service and support very seriously. This becomes all the more important considering that our interconnect partners have entrusted their mission critical business to us.

Where technology means business


You will expreience Future with us.

Our network is based on the Sippy platform and is located Boston, USA. The VoIP network is monitored by trained and certified SIP engineers. Smaller carriers seeking a stable A-Z solution can partner with us to fulfill their wholesale routing requirements. With a robust infrastructure, we offer VoIP route aggregation services efficiently at competitive rates. Our platform successfully blends superior VoIP technical capabilities with cost-effective SIP routing, resulting in the optimum blend of quality and price.

Latest Technology

Session Border Controller Partitioning for Enterprise SIP

Platforms Supported

Interoperability with Cisco, Huawei, Sonus, Quintum, MERA, VOICE SWITCH and other platforms

Business Techniques

Advanced Analytic including Business Analysis, Events and Statistics, Network Efficiency etc.

Routes Attributes

Carrier self-care portal & Global code propagation


High availability of system and back-end connectivity

Dial Management

RTP Proxy support & Flexible dial plan management

Traffic Controlling

Traffic profiling, re-routing options, element management-based provisioning

CLI & Roaming

CLI delivery guarantee & Roaming support

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Feel free to contact us!

For general information, queries or to initiate the interconnection process with us, please send an email to Existing interconnect partners may contact us at the following email addresses for day-to-day operational issues:

  • NOC :
  • Billing / Invoices :
  • Rate Notice :
  • Support :
  • Sales :
  • Skype Name :   hassan.teleonic

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